Tourist Attraction Lake Louise Gondola in the Banff National Park: Position on map

Lake Louise Gondola

Lake Louise Gondola
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A stunning view on the beautiful mountain landscape
© Banff & Lake Louise Tourism A stunning view on the beautiful mountain landscape

Copyright: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

It's more than just locomotion...

Lake Louise is not just a means of transport that takes you high up to the mountain ridges of the Canadian Rockies, but to a greater degree an attraction combining locomotion with a view on breathtaking landscapes. The entire ride, from the valley station up to the height of 2088m (6850ft) altitude, takes 14 minutes. You may enjoy the ride comfortably sitting in an open or closed gondola, respectively. Once atop the mountain, you'll have a fantastic time overviewing the Rockies, Lake Louise and the surrounding glaciers.

Nature in All Facets

Worth mentioning is the diverse endemic flora and fauna that you might already spot from the gondola. As soon as spring approaches, the meadows turn green and the temperature rises, one will have a good chance to see one of Canada's most fascinating wild animals on the slopes: the grizzly bear. After a long period of hibernation, the bears can be seen on their own or also partially with their young searching for food. To watch these animals in their natural and picturesque habitat is one of the most beautiful features of Canada's fauna and shouldn't be missed when visiting the area.

Guided Tours at the Mountain Top

Arriving the mountain station of the Lake Louise Gondola doesn't necessarily mean your journey through breathtaking nature comes to an end here. Quite the contrary is the case as you'll find the Wildlife Interpretative Centre on-site. This information centre is committed to give some deeper insights into the nature in this part of Canada and at the same time taking care of creating and maintaining the habitat for the endemic flora and fauna. While visiting, listen to one of the lectures inside the centre or have a stroll on your own and take a closer look at the numerous exhibitions. There are guided tours offered by specially trained experts which will help understand the the fascinating landscapes at the mountain ridge even more detailed and take a discovery tour through the mountainous landscapes to another level.

How to get there

By Car

From the direction of Calgary
Coming from Calgary, you first follow the Bow Trail heading westwards out of the city and take a right at the intersection into the Sarcee Trail. After a while, you change onto Trans-Canada Highway driving in the direction of Banff. Follow the road for about 170km (105.6mi) until you exit at Bow Valley Parkway you follow the road which will then turn to Whitedorn Drive, taking you straight to the gondola valley station.

From the direction of Jasper
Starting your journey in Jasper, you first head westwards taking Connaught Drive to get out of the city. After crossing Yellowhead Highway, you will now drive on the Icefields Parkway which you follow for the next 285km (177mi). This way leads you through both the Jasper National Park and parts of the Banff National Park. Exit at Bow Valley Parkway and take a left onto Bow Valley Parkway which will take you straight to the gondola valley station via the Whitedorn Drive.  

From the direction of Lethbridge
The Scenic Drive takes you from Lethbridge to the driveway of Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3). Following the highway for the next 18km (11.2mi), you turn right and carry on towards Calgary. And after another 18km (11.2mi), you turn right again and continue the journey as signposted towards Monarch/ Vulcan. You will then get to Highway 23 which you follow until you see the sign to turn left to Claresholm. Once there, take a left and follow the signs to Calgary/ Nanton. Thereafter, you continue on the Queen Elizabeth Highway (Highway 2) taking you to Nanton, passing the Silver Lake on your way northwards. Keep right to get onto the Deerfoot Trail which you will then leave on the outskirts of Calgary to change to Southland Drive before turning right onto the Blackfoot Trail. You eventually change onto the Glenmore Trail and follow the road for about 8km (5mi) before continuing on the Sarcee Trail. Then, you change to Trans-Canada Highway carrying on in the direction of Banff. Exit at Bow Valley Parkway and take a left onto Bow Valley Parkway which will take you straight to the gondola valley station via the Whitedorn Drive.


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The Lake Louise Gondola
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