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On the boats, the Gardaland pirates put on an exciting daily show with music and acrobatics.
© TouriSpo / D. Eisenrauch On the boats, the Gardaland pirates put on an exciting daily show with music and acrobatics.

Gardaland is Italy's biggest fun park. Located directly at Lake Garda, Italy's biggest lake, it attracts plentiful visitors each year. The park offers numerous attractions for the whole family, ranging from dashing rollercoasters over 4D cinema to white-water rides. All in all Gardaland comprises 30 rides over an area of around 33 hectares. The attractions can be put into three categories: Adrenaline, Fantasy and Adventure.


This label describes the rapid rollercoasters that make your adrenaline go high. Among these are for example the Blue Tornado and the Raptor rollercoaster, but also the Space Vertigo, which brings you 40 meters up high and drops down with incredible speed.


The adventure-attractions are less swift than adrenaline rollercoasters, but offer a lot of fun and spectacular settings. Underneath the pirateship is the mysterious world of the buccaneers, which you can explore by boat. If you like playing against each other, Ramses' temple offers the perfect opportunity: equipped with laser pistols, you try to shoot the most light points to win. But more than one attraction falls under this category, for instance the 4D cinema or the diverse white-water rides. Since 2022 the new attraction "Jumanji - The Adventure" takes you on a ride into the wilds of the jungle.


Fantasy-attractions are suitable even for the smallest park visitors. Especially the attractions around Prezzemolos tree, where Gardaland's mascot Prezzemolo lives, let childrens' hearts beat higher. Near the tree are various railways, on which families can explore the park, without it getting to wild for the kids. Another highlight suitable for all ages is the Flying Island, a kind of spaceship that goes up high in the air and gives you a wonderful view over Lake Garda.

Gardaland theatre

Gardaland also has its own theatre. Diverse, altering shows take place here, which are frequently elaborated and performed by professional dancers and actors. The theatre is always worth a visit, and is furthermore a nice way to escape the hot italian summer sun for a while.

Eating out in Gardaland

Of course Gardaland doesn't leave you hungry. It offers many kiosks and gastronomy services, including fast food chains, as well as Italian pizzerias, Mexican food and a medievally themed restaurant „Merlins Stube“ („Merlin's parlour“).

Magazine Articles

Historical Information

Mascot Prezzemolo and his entourage greet park visitors in the morning before the entrance.
© TouriSpo / D. Eisenrauch Mascot Prezzemolo and his entourage greet park visitors in the morning before the entrance.

The park opened up in 1975, and in 2004 additionally the Gardaland Hotel Resort was established, which makes it now possible to stay in the park overnight. In 2005, according to the economy magazine Forbes, the park managed to come fifth place in a study of the most successful fun parks in the world.

Since 2007 Gardaland runs a further resort near Milan, the „Gardaland Waterpark“. In addition, in 2008, the Sea Life Centre opened up, which is located directly next to Gardaland, and run by it, too.

The dragon Prezzemolo, the mascot of Gardaland, even has its own cartoon series in Italy.

Interesting facts

How to get there

The Blue Tornado rollercoaster promises adrenaline pure
CC BY-SA 3.0   © I, Sarion The Blue Tornado rollercoaster promises adrenaline pure

Coming from Milan or the opposite direction Venice, you take the Autobahn A4 until the toll point Peschiera del Garda. From there you leave the Autobahn and follow the brown signs to Gardaland.

If you are coming from the Modena direction, you first take the Autobahn A22, and at the motorway intersection change onto the A4. At the Peschiera del Garda you leave the Autobahn and follow the brown signs to Gardaland.

If you are traveling via the Brenner motorway, leave the Autobahn at the toll point Affi and take the dual carriageway to Peschiera del Garda. Then leave the Autobahn and follow the signs to Gardaland.

On site you will find a large guarded parking space.


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Gardaland Park
Località Ronchi
Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)
Phone+39 045 64 49 777
Fax+39 045 64 01 267
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