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Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs
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The Spa

1 Outdoor pool
Heated pool

Wellness & Beauty

1 Steam room


1 day CAD16.50
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Description & Details

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Unique water-quality

The bathing world in Banff Upper Hot Springs has many wonderful characteristics which make it worth visiting. You are able to bathe in the outside basin of the facility, swimming in hot spring water. The water has a very special composition of ingredients. The water you are bathing in is not only famous in the area but is also 100% natural. The spring has its source at 2000 meters (2187 yd) where it passes through many stone layers of the Rocky Mountains until it reaches the outdoor pool of the facility.

Relaxation with a view

Besides this all natural experience with the spring water you will get to enjoy a unique sight of the mountain ranges surrounding you. While you relax in water heated to 37 to 40 degrees Celsius (98.6 to 104 °F) you get a panoramic view onto Banff National Park. You will not only get to see the stunning Rocky Mountains but also the enormous park area with its woods and meadows. From the Hot Springs you have an especially good view onto Mount Rundle, which is a majestic mountain around 3000 meters (3281 yd) high.

Outdoor pool: 1
Heated pool


Steam room: 1
Aroma sauna

Interesting facts

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  • There are numerous parking facilities nearby.
  • Need some rest and refreshment? The local restaurant will definitely cater to your needs.

Video about Banff Upper Hot Springs

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Wellness & Beauty

Great wellness opportunities

After a relaxing bath in the spring water there are numerous other ways to unwind at Banff Upper Hot Springs. In 2001 Pleiades Massage and Spa became a part of the facility and fills visitors with enthusiasm ever since. Trained experts take care of you with relaxation programs such as aromatherapy, facial massages, shiatsu or with reflex zone massages. After a hike or a bike tour the Banff Upper Hot Springs Spa facilities are the perfect spot to unwind and relax your muscles. If you are not traveling alone, there is a possibility of getting massages for couples.

Fundamentally healthy

If you are done with enjoying different relaxing massages and cleansing your body and mind, you can round up your spa day with a beautiful manicure or pedicure. In addition to facial massages the spa offers facial cleansing with specialized products to get your moneys worth out of your spa day. The different treatments take about an hour. After the different procedures you can relax in a hot steam bath with aromatic scents to put a worthy end to your spa day.


How to get there

By car

To reach Banff Upper Hot Springs it is easiest to drive to the city of Banff first. After you reach the city center, drive in southern direction which should lead you to Mountain Avenue. Follow the road until you reach the facility.

Starting in Calgary

Follow the Bow Trail driving in western direction leaving the city. At the intersection with the Sarcee Trail turn right onto said trail. After some time change onto the Trans-Canada Highway and follow the road for 110 kilometers (68.4 mi) in the direction of Banff. Take the exit to Banff and keep left onto Banff Avenue which leads directly into the city center.

At the end of Mountain Avenue there are lots of possibilities to park.


Banff Upper Hot Springs
Mountain Avenue
T0L 0C0
Banff, Alberta
Phone403 762 1515
Fax403 760 1347


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