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Bennington Museum

Bennington Museum
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High standard art exhibitions

The Bennington Museum continues with the very same aspirations as it once started with. You may explore various samples in the impressive museum building. All showing the unique history of Vermont and the adjacent territories of New York and Massachusetts. Samples are exhibited originating in the period from the early 18th century until today. Visitors may take a glance at artworks by Grandma Moses, attracting thousands of people to the Bennington Museum each year.

Gilded Age: Economic recovery and its art

The museum has laid its focus also on modern times. In July 2013 the museum was extended by a new segment, dealing with the so-called Gilded Age. From the mid-19th century until well into the 20th century, the United States had had a period of economic prosperity, which also found expression in art. There's a range of portraits, paintings, glass and metal artwork, and even old vehicles. Strolling through this part of the museum, it isn't difficult to catch a glimpse of the successful industrial time. The Bennington Museum is especially keen on portraying an authentic image of that time.

Pop & Co: The vanguard period

The next segment particularly focuses on modernism, emphasising on vanguard artists from the 1950s until the 1970s. For the most part, there are artworks by Pat Adams, Anthony Caro, Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, Dan Shapiro as well as Tony Smith to be seen. Furthermore, there is plenty of information concerning conceptualism, minimalism, modern techniques and the co-called Colour Field Painting.

Great variety of samples and books

Apart from these two sections, which have their focus laid on modernity, there are also historical pottery, textiles, and flags exhibited. The museum, additionally, accommodates a large library with a stock of 8000 books, documents and other primary sources. This way the museum not only portrays the revolutionary wars, but also depicts other parts of history with its varied collection. The Bennington Museum is truly a learning hub!

A museum for the region

Apart from the permanent exhibitions, the museum is a dedicated supporter of local artists and artworks. For this reason, it offers a range of touring exhibitions depicting the south of Vermont in the most varied way. Each year, students are invited to exhibit their artwork at the Bennington Museum. Additionally, there are photograph exhibitions portraying the many faces of the museum.

Historical Information

The Bennington Museum is not only a place to learn a lot about history, but also one to present quite a history of its own. The museum originates in an association that was founded in 1852 to preserve the memories of the revolutionary wars in 1777. Later, the field of interest was extended and topics such as history, art and culture in the south of Vermont were also included.

Interesting facts

How to get there

By car

Coming from West Vermont or the northeastern part of New York, take Route 7, which will lead you through Massachusetts along the Canadian border in the direction of Bennington. From here follow Route 9 for about 1km (0.6mi) until the museum becomes visible on the left-hand side.

Coming from Lake George/ Glenn Falls, take Route 22 in the direction of Hoosick Falls. Then change onto Route 7, which takes you through Vermont and straight on Route 9. (Important: Please don't change to Route 279!)

Coming from the south of New England, take the interstate 90 first, which will take you to Route 7, leading further north towards Vermont. Turn left onto Route 9 and just after less than a mile you'll be at the museum.

Coming from the eastern part of Vermont or the northern part of New England, take Route 9 first. For the most part, this route runs parallel to the interstate 91, which you leave at exit 2 to Vermont. You cross the inner city of Bennington until the museum appears on the left-hand side of the road.

Coming from other US federal states, Bennington can be reached from various highways, which will then lead via Route 7 and 9 directly into the inner city of Bennington.


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Bennington Museum
Main Street
Bennington, VT
802 4471571
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