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Sea Life Oberhausen

Sea Life Oberhausen
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In the shark hatchery you can marvel at shark eggs.
© Sea Life In the shark hatchery you can marvel at shark eggs.

The Sea Life Oberhausen is the largest Sea Life in Germany with 4,000 square meters. The aquarium is home to over 5,000 marine creatures living in more than 50 specially designed tanks.

The Aquarium

From the sources of the Rhine to the Pacific Ocean, at Sea Life Oberhausen, you can admire both native fish such as carp, pike, and catfish, as well as exotic marine creatures like seahorses, starfish, and pinecone fish. The ten-meter-long acrylic glass tunnel is one of the most impressive tanks at Sea Life Oberhausen. In this tunnel, you have the unique opportunity to admire round-headed guitarfish, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, nurse sharks, carpet sharks, zebra sharks, and the large green sea turtle "Twiggy" up close.

Another visitor highlight is the "Schwarmring" (Swarm Ring). As the name suggests, it is a ring-shaped aquarium where a school of mackerel resides. In the center of the attraction, there is also a round aquarium where you can marvel at tube-dwelling eels.

The feeding sessions are particularly educational, providing exciting information about the various marine creatures. In addition to that, interactive lectures are offered, giving insights into the life and behavior of marine inhabitants. Special guided tours are provided to educate children and teenagers about the importance of environmental protection and the complex marine ecosystem. Educational materials are also made available for schools and kindergartens.

Germany's Largest Shark Breeding

In Sea Life Oberhausen, you can also find Germany's largest shark breeding facility. The 148-square-meter shallow-water tank and the 360-degree underwater dome allow you to observe the growth of young blacktip reef sharks and various species of rays.

New: "Mangroves up close" Theme Area

The new theme area "Mangroves up close" immerses its visitors in the fascinating world of mangroves and their inhabitants. For the first time, there are also crawling land creatures to discover, such as stick insects and giant centipedes.

Historical Information

Sea Life Oberhausen opened in August 2004.

It is one of seven Sea Life aquariums in Germany. The other six are located in Munich, Hanover, Timmendorfer Strand, Speyer, Berlin, and Konstanz.

How to get there

The aquarium is home to over 5,000 animals from over 200 different species.
© Sea Life The aquarium is home to over 5,000 animals from over 200 different species.

By car:

The aquarium is located near CentrO, the largest shopping and leisure center in Europe.

  • From the A42, you need to take the highway exit "Neue Mitte." Then simply follow the Sea Life signs.
  • Free parking spaces are available at CentrO.


By public transport:

Sea Life Oberhausen is also easily accessible by public transport. From Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof (main train station), you can take various trams and buses to reach the aquarium.

On foot:

If you are already in the city center or near Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof, Sea Life is also within walking distance. Children under the age of 3 receive free admission.


Sea Life Oberhausen (4k/UHD) | 06:46
SEA LIFE Oberhausen | Zoo-Eindruck
Direkt beim Centro liegt das Sea Life Oberhausen, das als...


Sea Life Oberhausen
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