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Mineral bath & Spa Samedan

Mineral bath & Spa Samedan
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The Spa

3 Indoor pools
1 Outdoor pool
Heated pool

Wellness & Beauty

2 Steam rooms
1 Relaxation room


1 day CHF42
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Description & Details

Niches in the mountain bath
© bluewatercom/ Mineralbad und Spa Samedan Niches in the mountain bath

The mineral bath and spa in Samedan invites you to an extraordinary bathing experience between heaven and earth, between church and mountains. Located on the main square of the historic village, the spa is attached directly to a listed church.

In Switzerland's first vertical mineral bath, you can "bathe your way up" to the top floor over four floors with various offers. At the top, an outdoor pool located directly under the church tower awaits visitors, from where they can enjoy the breathtaking Engadine mountain panorama.

Healing Water & Architecture

The sulphurous mineral water with which the pools are filled comes from a medicinal spring located directly below the bath. The water is taken from a depth of 35 meters.

Besides the vertical arrangement, the architecture of the mineral bath is particularly impressive. Lined with different coloured palettes and characterized by numerous views in, out and through, the building gives the visitor the impression of being in a mystical world.

Bathing ritual - round tour

The bathing ritual tour takes about 2 hours. It can be rounded off with a relaxing aromatic oil or hot stone massage.

Bath ritual one:

From the changing rooms in the basement you can go directly to theBathing Ritual 1 in the mountain bath on the ground floor, which is a flooded bathing room with numerous niches labyrinth-like nested in itself. The ceilings here are up to 8 meters high and the water has a temperature of 35°C.

In addition to a fog grotto with steam, a shallow water zone and the Room of Silence, a stone path for foot massage awaits visitors. The duration of stay in the mountain pool is about 20 - 30 minutes.

Bath ritual 2, 3 & 4:

The tour continues to the first floor, where a bubble bath, a hot bath and a relaxation room await you for Bathing Ritual 2, 3 and 4. During Bathing Ritual 2 you enjoy a pleasant massage with air bubbles for 15 - 20 minutes in 35°C warm water. Afterwards you go for Bathing Ritual 3 for approx. 5 - 8 minutes into the 40°C warm hot bath. The intense warmth relaxes body and mind. In Bathing Ritual 4, it is now time to rest for 15 - 20 minutes either on warmed reclining platforms or in a separate room.

Cleaning ritual 5:

The cleaning ritual 5 is carried out in the two steam baths of the mineral bath. In the 40°C warm herbal steam bath you pour water over yourself so that the steam, which smells of dried mountain herbs, opens the pores. The body is then rubbed and rinsed with peeling gloves provided for this purpose. This is followed by intensive sweating. The length of stay here is 15 - 20 minutes.

For 5 - 8 minutes we then move on to the second steam room, which is slightly hotter at 45°C. The cleansing ritual is followed by a shower and a short resting period on the heated couches.

Bath ritual 6:

Afterwards, Bathing Ritual 6 takes you directly to the third floor, where the attic bathroom with its fantastic view of the Swiss mountains awaits visitors. Here you can enjoy the panorama and the mountain air for about 15 - 20 minutes under the open sky.

Bath ritual 7:

The final bathing ritual 7 takes place in the dry area, which is located on the second floor. Here you can enjoy tea and fresh spring water comfortably wrapped in bath towels.

A rustic atmosphere is created by the larch chamber and the pine box, two rooms completely lined with wood. Also from here you have a great view over Samedan and the surrounding mountains.

Indoor pools: 3
Outdoor pool: 1
Heated pool
Hot tub
Salt-water pool


Steam rooms: 2
Relaxation room: 1

Interesting facts

  • There are numerous parking facilities nearby.

Video about Mineral bath & Spa Samedan

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Wellness & Beauty

Steam bath
© bluewatercom/ Mineralbad und Spa Samedan Steam bath

The crowning finale to a stay in the mineral bath is the full-body oil massage with warm stones, which is part of the Samedner bathing ritual. These can be enjoyed either alone or in pairs in the same room. Here you can choose from oils with melodious names such as joy of life, security or fountain of youth.


How to get there

By car:

From St. Moritz you can reach Samedan in about 10 minutes on the Via Maistra via Celerina. The Samedan Mineral Bath and Spa is located in the historic centre of the village. Until the opening of the Bellevue multi-storey car park, public parking spaces are available to guests at the Rhätschen Bahn.


Mineralbad & Spa Samedan
San Bastiaun 1
081 851 19 19


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