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7132 Therme Vals

7132 Therme Vals
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The Spa

5 Indoor pools
1 Outdoor pool

Wellness & Beauty

2 Steam rooms
1 Relaxation room


1 day CHF80
All rates & fees

Description & Details

The indoor pool is heated to 32 degrees Celsius.
© 7132 Therme Vals The indoor pool is heated to 32 degrees Celsius.

Pure tranquility

In the middle of the small village of Vals in Graubünden, stands the most understated thermal landscape in Europe. For ages, people have been using the warm springs there, before the village with only 1000 inhabitants commissioned the renowned architect Peter Zumthor in 1983 to create a place of well-being. What he ultimately crafted is a work of art in itself, having received over 20 architecture awards. The intention for the thermal baths was to give the impression that they had been standing in Vals for eternity. The concept of a quarry, from which individual blocks were cut out, creating spaces between the blocks, significantly shapes the present-day image of the thermal baths.

Individual hours

Restless forms and vibrant colors are not to be found in the Vals thermal baths, nor are sauna landscapes and bubbling pools. 6,000 plates of Valser quartzite, stacked to form unique blocks, turn each of the individual rooms into a sensual and personalized bathing experience. Depending on your mood, you can engage with the water here in different ways or relax in the rest area. Immersing and unwinding is the motto at the Vals thermal baths, which can only be accessed through the connected hotel and with a reservation. Whether in the indoor pool at 32°C, the outdoor pool, which is a bit warmer at 36°C in winter, the fire bath, or the ice bath, guests here experience maximum relaxation.


To provide guests with the utmost comfort and privacy, the available spaces are limited, and entry can only be guaranteed with a prior reservation. This is facilitated through the 7132 Hotel, which is connected to the thermal baths by an underground passage. 

Indoor pools: 5
Outdoor pool: 1
Salt-water pool


You won't find an extensive sauna landscape at the Vals thermal baths. Everything is focused on the hot springs of the baths, with their soothing effects taking center stage. A sweat and steam stone ensure that the pores open and subsequently allow the minerals from the water to be absorbed more effectively.

Steam rooms: 2
Relaxation room: 1

Interesting facts

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  • 7132 Therme Vals is among the 3 best rated Spas in Switzerland.
  • There are numerous parking facilities nearby.
  • Need some rest and refreshment? The local restaurant will definitely cater to your needs.

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Wellness & Beauty

Relaxation area with a view of nature.
© 7132 Therme Vals Relaxation area with a view of nature.

Sensual delights

If you're seeking even more relaxation, one of the numerous massages and treatments will surely convince you. In addition to classic full-body massages, foot reflexology massages, and lymphatic drainage, there are also special treatments offered, such as water massages in the thermal movement pool or hot stone massages using Valser quartzite stones. You'll feel rejuvenated after a Thalasso or pine needle bath as well. Intensive deep relaxation for the entire body is guaranteed by algae or sea mud wraps, which also nourish your skin.


Eastern Ayurvedic treatments transport you to the exotic world of India and leave you feeling like a new person afterwards.


How to get there

By car

If you're arriving by car, take the A13 to Chur and exit at Reichenau Flims. Via Flims-Laax, proceed to Ilanz. From there, turn right and follow the road for about 20 kilometers until you reach Vals.

By public transportation

In Chur, take the Rhaetian Railway to Ilanz and switch to the post bus, which regularly shuttles to Vals.


7132 Therme
Poststraße 560
+41 58 7132 010


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