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Ternua's green projects: Turning fishing nets into outdoor clothing

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last update on Jun 9, 2023

Ternua's Redcycle project is a great example of how companies can develop functional clothing for your outdoor activities and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time. We introduce you to the brand and its various environmental projects.

The sustainable outdoor and sports manufacturer

Ternua created many projects with various environmental focuses.
© Ternua Ternua created many projects with various environmental focuses.

In the outdoor industry, Ternua stands for high-quality equipment and sustainable clothing. The company is dedicated to manufacturing products that have as little impact on the environment as possible while accompanying you for many years.

This endeavour has resulted in several projects that both protect the environment and positively influence the production of Ternua collections.

Recycling is a central theme here. For example, Ternua promotes a circular economy through the Wearcycle project, in which new garments and accessories are made from disposed fabrics. But agricultural waste can also be used again thanks to the Spanish brand. Together with the Association of Cideries in Gipuzkoa and Archroma, Ternua has launched Colorcycle. Here, walnut and chestnut shells and olives are collected to serve as the basis for the production of natural dyes.

In this way, Ternua guarantees that its collections do not place an additional burden on the planet, but instead make effective use of existing resources.

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The Redcycle project: transforming waste into clothing

ECONYL®-yarn has all the good qualities of nylon.
© Ternua ECONYL®-yarn has all the good qualities of nylon.

A special highlight of the company is Redcycle. With this project, Ternua proves that production and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Within the framework of Redcycle, plastic waste from the sea is transformed into high-quality outdoor and sports clothing. For this, the brand works with the Spanish fishing industry as a partner, which collects the waste from the water. The plastic is then processed into yarn, which in turn is used in the production of Ternua's collections. This creates a recycling chain that benefits both people and nature.

The Redcycle collection features a range of garments, including jackets, trousers and T-shirts, that are not only environmentally friendly, but also functional and fashionable. The jackets, for example, are lightweight and waterproof, which are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. To match, the durable trousers have been designed with practical features. This way, you can wear a completely recycled outfit and contribute to cleaning up the oceans at the same time.

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Ternua #PlanetGuardians

Sustainability is a community effort. Join in today!
© Ternua Sustainability is a community effort. Join in today!

Environmental protection is a collaborative project. That's why Ternua has created the #PlanetGuardians community. On social media you can show your support by using the hashtag #PlanetGuardians or tagging Ternua in your photos. The aim is to share respect and love for nature, as well as the many benefits of sustainable outdoor clothing.

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