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Glamping with Nordisk: How to enjoy a luxurious break in nature

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last update on May 30, 2023

In summer, we are drawn to the great outdoors. Hikes in the mountains or days by the water are fun and relaxing at the same time. If you don't want to miss out on a little luxury, glamping is just the thing for you! We introduce you to this comfortable form of outdoor adventure and show you must-have products from glamping expert Nordisk.

Five-star accommodation in a tent

Nordisk combines the Scandinavian Hygge lifestyle with glamping.
© Nordisk Nordisk combines the Scandinavian Hygge lifestyle with glamping.

Many people associate camping with simple equipment and only the most necessary luggage. Glamping is quite different. Imagine opening your tent and inside is a small living area with furniture, rugs, decorations and all the little things that make your life a little easier.

The level of luxury depends entirely on your preferences! Whether minimalist with simple furniture or fancy with fairy lights and flower pots - glamping is all about building your little paradise in nature.

The word to best describe this comes from the Scandinavian way of life: Hygge. It stands for a cosy atmosphere where you enjoy the best of life and share it with dear people.

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Nordisk: The glamping-expert

Nordisk's roots lie in the manufacture of down products. Meanwhile, the brand is also considered a pioneer in the field of glamping.
© Nordisk Nordisk's roots lie in the manufacture of down products. Meanwhile, the brand is also considered a pioneer in the field of glamping.

Hygge is also at the heart of the glamping concept of the Danish manufacturer Nordisk. From tents to tableware, the brand focuses on modern minimalism, maximum comfort, guaranteed robustness and just that cosy atmosphere that you have to feel to understand.

The Nordisk range is broad to cover the different needs of glamping. Tents and sleeping bags are just as important as glamping furniture and utensils.

Glamping fans can not only enjoy a wide range of products, but also the Nordisk Villages. You can book your exclusive glamping weekend at several locations worldwide!

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Create your glamping kingdom in a suitable tent

Nordisk Utgard cotton tent | 00:49

The tent is certainly one of the most important elements of glamping. It forms the basic framework for your little paradise and at the same time protects you from wind and weather.

Depending on how many people you are travelling with, Nordisk offers a range of different models that vary in shape and size. The Alfheim tent, for example, has a tepee look, while the Vimur house tent stands out with its A-shaped pole construction. If you want something particularly luxurious, you can go for the Vanaheim 24, which looks like a mobile palace.

No matter which model you choose, all Nordisk tents are made of high-quality, breathable cotton and have windows and large doors. You also have the option of dividing the tents with additional inner cabins. This way you can create small flats where everyone has their own space.

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Comfortable sleep guaranteed

Glamping is all about comfort, even when it comes to sleeping.
© Nordisk Glamping is all about comfort, even when it comes to sleeping.

When camping, many people dread sleeping on the ground. With glamping, you don't have to worry about that. Instead of a mat, you can sleep on a comfortable camping bed!

The Marselis model by Nordisk fits perfectly with the tents and other furniture in the range and offers true Danish craftsmanship. The minimalist design meets a robust structure and natural materials, so you can be sure that the bed will carry you for many years.

For cosy warmth and protection, Nordisk sleeping bags are the perfect choice. Whether you prefer down or synthetic sleeping bags, you'll find them both at Nordisk. For your next glamping adventure, we recommend the Almond sleeping bag with its retro look. As a summer version or 3-season sleeping bag, the model made of 100 percent organic cotton impresses with its pleasant feel as well as practical features such as the magnetic closure or the possible conversion into a blanket.

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The little extras create luxury

With glamping, the extras make all the difference.
© Nordisk With glamping, the extras make all the difference.

Tents and sleeping bags are part of the basic equipment when camping. Glamping stands out with extras that provide additional comfort. These include cosy chairs such as the Nordisk Moesgaard Wooden Chair, which you can use both inside and outside the tent to relax.

For many, luxury also means culinary enjoyment. So that this is not missing when glamping, you will find camping tableware with that certain something at Nordisk. Practical and robust, but also stylishly modern, it perfectly complements the look of your glamping equipment. Best of all: the plates, cups, bowls and coffee pot can be heated or placed directly on the campfire!

Speaking of fire, you can even find a small wood burner for your glamping adventure in the Nordisk range. The Torden Wood Burner Set provides you with plenty of warmth on chilly evenings and also serves as a practical cooking area. It doesn't get much more luxurious than this!

The final touch for glamping is the products that make you happy. Whether books, games, small gadgets, chic decoration or yoga equipment - they give the tents your personal touch and turn them into your home away from home.

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